Workplace well-being

How business leaders can interact with employees

Employees and managers are two inseparable entities in a company. They need to work together to ensure that the different departments in a company function well. Good collaboration is based on good interaction and unwavering commitment from employees. The initiatives…

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Human resources: what are the possible levers for better employee engagement?

Currently, the challenge for the vast majority of organisations is how to create high levels of employee engagement and involvement in HR. Engaged employees are key to the success of the organisation. Decision makers recognise the added value of ‘I…

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What is work involvement?

The employee is the human capital of a company. The staff is the main lever for the development of a financial entity. The motivation of all employees leads to the development and achievement of a company’s objectives. In order to…

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Teleworking: can it be a source of suffering or stress at work?

During the last lockdown, companies were forced to find a way to continue their activities to avoid bankruptcy. Fortunately, thanks to the Internet, they have found a very practical solution which is teleworking. According to some employee engagement surveys, five…

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Covid-19: how to protect your employees?

In the face of the pandemic that is now sweeping the globe, it is essential to find solutions not only to deal with it, but also to protect oneself. Despite confinement and many other measures taken by heads of state,…

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