Human resources: what are the possible levers for better employee engagement?

Currently, the challenge for the vast majority of organisations is how to create high levels of employee engagement and involvement in HR. Engaged employees are key to the success of the organisation. Decision makers recognise the added value of 'I love my job' (engagement) and 'I love my organisation' (involvement), and the two combined to create the best possible scenario for employees and organisations.

How can HR strategies for employee engagement be improved?

As a specialist in employee feedback solutions, helps clients implement strategies to improve employee engagement in HR. Implementation services include overall project management, communication support, internal training and facilitation of follow-up processes. Currently, the company uses 200 engagement specialists to support over 1,200 organisations in 110 countries worldwide.

How do you successfully integrate employees into organisations?

Potential employees need to buy into the company culture and HR needs to have an immediate sense that the interviewee and the company culture are a good fit. No matter how talented candidates are, if there is any doubt about their cultural fit, they should not be hired. HR also has a key role to play in keeping new employees on board while preserving the culture of the organisation. In addition, HR has a duty to ensure the ongoing communication of the organisations values and what they stand for. Not only is this valuable for stakeholders, but it also helps to maintain the sense of belonging and commitment of employees in HR.

How should the organisation go about showing its appreciation for employee engagement?

HR needs to ensure that employees receive adequate appreciation from the organisation. For example, outstanding performance by individuals and teams should be recognised and rewarded. For reasons of motivation and transparency, key organisational metrics should be made visible throughout the organisation. To further stimulate employee engagement in HR, the same ideas can be used to create a culture of praise and recognition. Ideally, employees are not only appreciated by their superiors, but also by their colleagues. Encouraging employees to do so and creating an environment where praise is well received has a huge positive impact, at all levels of organisations.
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