What are web marketing jobs?

Web marketing is an essential technique in the life of a company, to better anticipate the needs of customers and meet their expectations. With a bright future ahead of it, the field of e-marketing has given rise to a number of professional occupations: web marketer, web communication manager, e-CRM project manager, etc. There are many professional opportunities for those who are passionate about the Internet.

E-marketer / Web marketer

At the heart of the digital communication strategy, the webmarketer is a web marketing profession. Their main mission is to promote their company's website and increase traffic and sales. From the development of the strategy to the analysis of the results, the e-marketer applies his expertise to the activity of the company he works for. He sets the objectives to be achieved and the means to be implemented. Working on both the marketing and commercial aspects, his or her missions are very varied: analysis of the competition, consumer needs and market trends; definition of the marketing strategy to be adopted on the basis of these analyses; implementation of on and offline communication activities; development, design of the website; animation and promotion of the website (newsletters, e-mailings...); strategy and referencing of the website (SEA, SEO, link exchange campaigns...); etc... The web marketer is therefore present in all areas to enable the company to be visible and effective on the Internet.

Web communication manager

As the person in charge of digital communication, the web communication manager coordinates the various actions to improve the company's image and ensure its presence on the Internet. As a major intermediary between a company and its web environment, he or she disseminates the company's messages to Internet users and transmits their comments internally. The digital communication officer defines the company's web communication strategy, develops various contents and measures the results. He or she is involved in many areas: customer relations or e-CRM, emailing, referencing and positioning. The web communication manager is a webmarketing profession, which can intervene in internal communication (social networks, company intranet, etc.) or external communication of the company (press, general public, partners, etc.) depending on the mission entrusted to him/her. e-CRM (Customer Relationship Management) project manager The e-CRM project manager is a key player in customer relations on the web. This web marketing profession has developed in many areas of activity: e-commerce, banking, insurance, telecoms, etc. Its missions are varied, ranging from online relationship marketing management to the implementation of customer relationship management campaigns on the Internet. In addition, the e-CRM project manager works closely with the marketing, IT and sales departments. Their objective is to offer a personalised service to each customer through the implementation of special offers. Indeed, the e-CRM project manager has a variety of tasks: setting up a customer strategy, defining customer needs, planning relationship marketing projects, analysing customer behaviour, managing e-CMR campaigns and monitoring the various actions. He/she must therefore know the customers and their needs well and have a perfect knowledge of the services and products offered by the company. His or her actions will contribute to building customer loyalty in the long term.
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