What are web marketing jobs?

Web marketing is an essential technique in the life of a company, to better anticipate the needs of customers and meet their expectations. With a bright future ahead of it, the field of e-marketing has given rise to a number…

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All about SEO

SEO or natural referencing is a technique to adopt for all those who wish to launch themselves on the Internet. SEO is essential to increase your visibility online. It seems to be a mountain to climb. For novices, it is…

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All about SEA

When it comes to optimising the reputation of a website, the question of referencing is paramount. Today, two referencing systems are used, namely SEO and SEA. Here is what you need to know about SEA. SEA: what is it? Search…

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Everything you need to know about the SMA

The SMA is linked to the General Directorate of the Ministry of Overseas Territories in France. It concerns young people aged 18 to 25 who have not chosen the job market. The SMA provides a targeted response to unemployment, exclusion…

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How to choose a SEO agency in Geneva

There are many agencies that claim to specialise in SEO. However, not all of them are competent. Certain criteria should be taken into account in order to understand who will be able to improve the SEO of your site. They…

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