Product information management

Product information management: long-term projects

Product information management is also simply referred to by the acronym, PIM. This a solution that offers one place to gather, oversee and upgrade the details of a product, generate a catalog, and dispense it through sales and E-commerce media….

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How to set up an e-commerce business?

E-commerce is a business strategy aimed at bringing merchants and buyers together on the Internet. In general, transactions of goods or services are carried out through an online shop, a mobile application, and other sales channels such as marketplaces, social…

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What are the different forms of e-commerce?

There are different forms of e-commerce, the most popular and trendy form of commerce of the moment. E-commerce remains the new form of online sales of various goods and services. It remains the most efficient, most productive and most popular…

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What is an e-commerce platform?

What exactly is “e-commerce”? This is the question asked by many people nowadays. It is a kind of electronic commerce that is now in vogue. Many people either know nothing about it or confuse it with other labels. The aim…

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